CCTV Surveillance Systems for Gas Stations


The concept of gas stations in the Philippines needing CCTV Surveillance systems was not an option during the last decade due to the gas price back then was cheap and they the gas station owners can’t afford having an expensive surveillance system that will monitor their gas station. But nowadays as the price of the gas is skyrocketing and the profits of gas stations are also getting bigger, gas station robberies are also getting high. As a result, gas station owners are embracing the concept of having a surveillance camera in their gas station as a deterrent for robberies and keep the employees safe from harm’s way.


Back then, the quality of footages from CCTVs are so poor and you can’t even recognize the faces of the robbers during the heist and it will not help the authorities during the investigation as they can fully identify the culprit and the location of each cameras in the vicinity of the station cannot cover the whole scene and the location of the camera is outside while most of the robberies happen inside the store. But that is the thing of the past, today CCTV produce high quality footages and cameras can now be placed on strategic locations that will cover the hot spots of the gas station including inside store. With this, gas station owners can now get clear picture of those in store and will alert them if something bad is about to happen.

It is also serves as a deterrent against theft for store because when thieves see the cameras, they know that someone is watching them they might change their mind and not to steal from the store because it is too much of a risk to try because of the camera installed.

CCTV cameras also helps gas station owners monitor employees, they can check if their employees are doing their job right or just slacking off while on duty. Also, cameras installed near the counter can monitor the activity going on in the cashier whether there’s a dispute between the gas station employee and a customer and deter employees from steal from the cashier.

Gas station owners can also monitor their business while they are away just by accessing the surveillance system by internet. This feature is will give the owners peace of mind, knowing that they can still monitor their business even they are miles away from it.

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