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Strategiweb’s Project Management view defines the task structure for managing the technical activities to achieve high productivity and low costs. Our approach defines an offshore development framework of managing tasks, techniques and roles applicable to all types of projects.

Strategiweb’s PACE approach in managing projects are:

  • Plan – Forecast the project requirements
  • Activate – acquire the resources and support for the project
  • Control – manage the development of the project results
  • End – collect the project results for the benefit of the subsequent projects.

Strategiweb influences the way development activities are carried out and managed, through the use of automated tools, which supports:

  • Source control and module promotion
  • Testing and defect management
  • Issue and change management
  • Digital workplace for a collaborative project coordination

Setup of Project Standards

Design and Development
The main purpose of this document is to provide individuals involved within the project the standards and other technical information that will guide them in the development of the project, with regards to naming convention, coding standards, design standards. This document discusses how these objects will be developed and how the components will commonly behave

Configuration Management
Documents the overall Software Configuration Management strategy to be implemented for a project. This document will detail the backup and restore strategy of the source control repository and discusses the different environments, which will support the development life cycle of the project. This document also discusses the change request management and the project office directory and repository synchronization if multi-site has been implemented. Lastly this document details the process of performing baseline versions of the codes delivered and packaging of the deliverables to the client.

configuration management

Issue and Change Management
Unplanned changes and issues introduce risk to the project schedule and may cause delays and poor product quality. The ability to control and track change is essential to a project’s success. The Change Request Management Process addresses the organizational infrastructure required to assess the cost, and schedule, impact of a requested change to the existing product.

issue and change management

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