Tips on Choosing the Right Night Vision Camera


In the Philippines, crime incidents usually occurs in the dead of the night and it is important that your surveillance system must capture the incident clearly even if it is almost pitch black. In order to do this, the CCTV cameras needs to have a night vision capabilities to capture the footages, aside from that there are lot of things to keep in mind on choosing and installing cameras that will have a great impact on the quality and of the footage that the camera record. We at Strategiweb prepared tips on getting the right night vision CCTV cameras.

Camera Range

One of the most important thing to consider when comparing different night vision cameras for your CCTV surveillance system, IR cameras have a maximum range from 5 meters to 50 meters or even longer range. Also keep in mind to choose an IR camera based on range of how far you want to see and consider some allowance. For example, if you want to cover up to 20 meters, it’s worth to get an IR camera that have a maximum of 30 meters.

Too powerful IR

Powerful IR camera is good, but too much power is not good at all, over powered IR produce bad image quality. This is because most CCTV cameras cannot adjust the IR brightness, and when a subject is very close to a camera designed for long ranges, the image will look washed out and too bright.

Things to watch out on Wide Angle lenses

IR LEDs are designed specifically to illuminate the center of the footage in order to focus their power. Most of CCTV cameras’ night vision doesn’t have a wide angle of view. Though this is not a problem, some cameras have varifocal lens that zoom out notice at the wide end of the zoom, the night vision will not be cover the corners of the footage.  Make sure the field of view is clear

Keep the camera’s field of view clear

Keep the field of view of the camera clear. Most cameras try to adjust the exposure automatically to produce a clear image. If there are some obstructions like a tree branch or leaves sticking out into the view of the camera, the LEDs will lit it brightly and the camera will compensate and the footage will be darker. The rest of the image will be dark and you can’t barely see any details.

IR needs something to reflect to

IR cameras needs something to reflect off. CCTV camera owners tends to point the camera on an empty field and usually get a dark image out of it. This does not mean the IR however, is not working and a subject will still be visible when they move into range.

Camera mounting height

When considering how powerful your night vision needs to be, it is also important to keep in mind the camera mounting height, if your subject is 4m away, the camera should be mounted 3 meters from the ground.

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