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Video Surveillance

There are many reasons why a business would choose to have a video surveillance system, with the primary reason being security and protection. If paying a security guard to monitor your business is not enough, you might want to consider installing video surveillance. Many cities even require CCTV cameras in order to obtain a business permit, why not make your video surveillance CCTV investment work harder for you.

In addition to preventing crime, video surveillance will help your company provide a secure environment for your customers and your staff. It will also reduce security vulnerabilities, and your liability. Collecting video intelligence through surveillance will help your business improve in key areas, such as operations, loss prevention, and performance, ultimately creating new ways for your business to improve and increase profitability and serve customers better while gaining and edge on your competition.

Strategiweb’s Surveillance specialists can help you create a state of the art video surveillance solution that meets all of your companies’ needs. Our state of the art surveillance systems is a computer-based surveillance system, using intelligent software applications, analytics, and supporting analog and network camera connections. Strategiweb will create a system for you that not only captures specific video, but will allow you to remotely watch video via your Smartphone, tablets, and share the footage via a secure network.

Our video surveillance equipment is easily installed and easily configured, with a focus on securely delivering end-to-end video management via a secure Internet network. We will create a cutting edge video surveillance system for you that will be reliable, secure and user-friendly, incorporating web-based client software for managing your surveillance, with the system being cloud-based for easy sharing and access. Video surveillance is not meant to make your work more difficult. It should run smoothly and be an asset to you, letting your focus remain on your business. We will make this happen for you.

If you are considering video surveillance, then you need to consult with Strategiweb. We are your go-to source for all things related to video surveillance and will help you get the exact system you need.

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